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College Refund

If your college or university replaced in-person classes with online classes, with minimal assistance to faculty, no access to in-person educational facilities (libraries, computer and science labs), and services you had initially paid for, you might be entitled to a tuition refund.

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Leeds Brown Law, P.C. and its team of co-counsel across the country are currently pursuing cases against:
– University of Georiga
– University of Kansas
– Molloy College
– University of La Verne
– Syracuse University
– Louisiana State Univ.
– Mercer College
– Middlebury College
– Emerson College
– The Academy of Art
– University of Oklahoma
– Tulane Univ.
– Rice Univ.
– Southern Methodist Univ.
– California Baptist
– California Lutheran
– St. John’s Univ.
– Brigham Young University
– University of Florida
– Florida State Univ.
– Notre Dame Univ.
– Univ. of Mass.
– Univ. of Maine
– City Univ. of New York
– among numerous others

Tuition for in-person classes is much higher than online educational programs. If your educational institution has retained the full tuition and full fees despite breaching their contract and providing less than the full amount of services, Leeds Brown Law, P.C. will fight for a refund for you.