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Protecting Workers From Wage and Gratuity Theft

Our Team of Wage and Hour Lawyers and Professionals Can Help You Get The Wages and Tips That You Deserve

Leeds Brown Law, P.C. (“LBL”) has represented thousands of workers pursuing claims for unpaid wage and gratuity violations under New York’s Labor Law, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Hospitality Wage Order, the Miscellaneous Wage Order, Nassau County Living Wage Law, and other statutes in New York and nationwide that protect workers from wage and gratuity theft.

Over the last 10 years, Leeds Brown Law has helped secure over $90 million in available monies for workers to collect in settlements. Whether you are an individual worker that was cheated out of overtime, a “manager” that has been misclassified to be paid a salary, a “independent contractor” subject to extensive control by your bosses, a construction worker not paid prevailing wage, or a worker that have been cheated out of tips and gratuities, Leeds Brown Law may be able help protect you.

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Leeds Brown Law has represented workers of all varieties in all types of wage cases, including:

  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Misclassification
  • Improperly Paid a Salary
  • Stolen Tips by Managers or the Company
  • Unpaid Commissions
  • Off-the-Clock Work (or Unpaid Time)
  • Failure to Pay Manual Workers Weekly (Biweekly Pay Violations)
  • Shift Changes without Compensation
  • Service Workers Performing Side Work Too Often
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Nassau County Living Wage
  • Travel Time Not Paid
  • Failing to Receive All Pay Agreed Upon
  • Wage Discrimination or Disparities
  • And numerous other violations of the law

If you believe you have not been properly compensated, you may be able bring suit against your employer – or have the attorneys at Leeds Brown Law advocate on your behalf. Call the Attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. at 516-873-9550 to discuss strategies to help you recover the wages and/or tips you earned but have not been paid.