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Kansas St refund tuition

KMBC News interviewed partner Jeffrey K. Brown of Leeds Brown Law, P.C. regarding the allegations of class action case and the rights of students that attended Kansas State during the Spring 2020 semester. The full article can be found here. The article published on KMBC’s website (and reproduced below) quotes Brown as well as links to a clip from the interview.

Full article with clips here.


Two Kansas State University students have filed a class action lawsuit against the university, demanding money back after COVID-19 forced the cancellation of in-person classes for the spring semester.

Noah Plank and John Garfolo from Saline County, Kansas allege they “did not receive the benefit and services that they bargained for when they provided payment for tuition and fees.”

The students join others across the country now demanding money back in federal court from their universities. While institutions like K-State have offered refunds for room and board, several have drawn the line on tuition and other fees.

In the federal lawsuit filed Monday, Plank and Garfolo allege K-State could not provide in-person services for 58% of the semester.

Plank paid $5,407.92 for tuition and fees while Garfolo paid more than $6,000 in tuition and fees, the lawsuit alleges.

Both students argue they “did not enter into an agreement with Defendants for online education, but rather sought to receive in-person education from Defendants’ institution.”

“To me, it’s really mind boggling that the universities haven’t stepped up and said, ‘Look, we’re going to calculate it to the penny what we provided and what we didn’t provide, and we’re going to send you the difference in the form of a refund,’” said Leeds Brown Law Firm attorney Jeffrey K. Brown, who is representing both Plank and Garfolo.

The suit is asking for a prorated refund from K-State, along with attorneys fees and other damages. It is also seeking a class action so other students can join the suit.

“I don’t think a student would’ve paid full tuition if they thought they weren’t getting what was promised or advertised,” Brown said.

If you are are student of Kansas State and want to keep updated about the lawsuit, please contact Leeds Brown Law, P.C. at 516.873.9550 or email mtompkins@leedsbrownlaw.com