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Syracuse Univ. hit with tuition-fee refund class action

As reported by TopClassActions.com:

“Syracuse University has been hit with another lawsuit by a student who alleges she was not refunded any of her tuition and fees for the spring 2020 semester despite all of her classes being moved online starting March 10, 2020.

Plaintiff Shelby Poston filed the class action lawsuit against Syracuse University Dec. 9, 2021, in an Onondaga County court, the Daily Orange reports.

Poston alleges the students lost the benefit of the on-campus education they paid for as a result of the university’s response to the pandemic. She is looking to represent an estimated tens of thousands of students who paid for tuition in the spring semester of 2020.

According to Poston, the plaintiffs entered into a contract with the college that was breached when the university moved classes online on March 10, 2021, in response to the pandemic.

While the college said students who had to move out of university housing because of COVID-19 could apply for reimbursements of their housing and meal plan payments, it refused to refund any fees or tuition paid, she says.”

This case is among several other cases filed around the country, in which students like Plaintiff Poston were obligated to pay the full amount of tuition and the full amount of fees, but failed to receive the full amount of services. Plaintiff Poston alleges that breaches contract law in New York.

A copy of the complaint can be found here.